About Taha Urban Contracting Company :
  • Was created Taha Urban Contracting Company, in order to launch construction projects after an assessment study of the market according to the needs and requirements of the market, the establishment of a specialized team field studies included the construction market and the markets associated with them in the Kingdom, and draw investment strategies and development, which will founder Taha Urban and according to them future.
  • This can be achieved as sought by the founder Taha Urban of excellence and success in areas Urban target, through the adoption of means to excellence in every detail of their work, domestically and globally, enabling founder Taha Urban weave a strategic relationship with the various categories of clients in projects company, and who became one of the strengths enjoyed by its founder, Taha Urban.
  • The motto of its founder, Taha Urban lies in the pursuit of a distinct industry sector investment in Saudi Arabia, through the consolidation of the rules of the standard in the construction industry.
Taha Distinct Strategy :
  • Taha adopt distinct strategic thinking and creative visions of the future aims to promote the philosophy of developmental real estate renewable.