1. Develop and support industry locally Omran global ambition
  2.  Take a leading role and embrace a new vision of urban market in Saudi Arabia
  3.  Identification of customer requirements and desires , in order for us to rise to the level of expectations
  4.  Review and analyze how the performance of our business on an ongoing basis and find ways to accomplishing characteristically thoughtful and fast
  5.  Contribute to the creation of an environment and a new culture attracts and encourages team work to contribute to the development of performance according to the highest levels
  6.  Staying connected to our partners and close partners to inform them of the success of our business developments and projects aphid
  7.  Provide job opportunities commensurate with the competences of the sons of the kingdom
  8.  Design and launch innovative metal buildings in harmony with the growing demand, and in line with current and future requirements of our customers.